CEO: Zbigniew Tadeusz Tyminski
Number of Employees: 304
Customer: Hanil E-HWA (Main Only)
Founded: 2008
Plant Status & Location
1. Head office and Plant : Siemiatycze Poland,140Km from Warsaw / 14,000m2
2. Second Plant : Pruchna 50Km from Katowice Poland


1991: KONDOR FIRM was established
1997: KONDOR TRANS was established after M&A with T&M (Int' Transport Company)
2002: DZT was established in Siemiatycze Poland with current ownership.
2003: Start FSO Lanos Interior Manufacture Business after took over Dongseo-DMP facilities in Parczew Poland
2007: TLA (Technical License Agreement) with Seil Intech Ltd in Korea (Current T25X Supplier) for joining FSO T25X (Aveo) Project
2008 Aug: SOP for KM (KIA Sportage) Center Panel
2009 Apr: Purchased Own Plant in Pruchna (16,000m2)
2009 May: SOP for ED (KIA Cee’d ) Luggage Side Trim
2010 Jan: SOP for EL Center Panel & Arm Rest
2010 Jun: SOP for SLs (New Sportage) Arm Rest